Letter From The Editor: Why We Care About Wellness


April 1, 2023

Letter From The Editor

Howdy friends! I couldn’t be more excited for this months’ Letter from The Editor — If there’s one thing we (Soigne Studios) love more than content creation, it’s wellness! We love it so much that as we embark into a new month and season, we want to focus this edition on why we care about wellness, especially in a digital world and how to navigate it.

What is wellness?

Let’s take a moment to consider what wellness actually means. At its core, wellness is about taking care of our physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s about creating a sense of balance and harmony in our lives, so that we can feel our best and be our best selves.

When it comes to digital wellness, it’s about finding that balance in our relationship with technology. It’s about using our devices in a way that enhances our lives rather than detracting from them. It’s about creating boundaries and setting limits around our technology use so that we can prioritize our mental and emotional well-being.

Taking Breaks

One aspect of digital wellness that’s especially important is taking breaks. We all need time to disconnect and recharge, whether that means unplugging for a few hours or taking a digital detox for a few days. By taking intentional breaks from technology, we can give our minds the space they need to rest and recover, and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Creating Boundaries

Another key aspect of digital wellness is creating boundaries around our technology use. It can be all too easy to let our devices take over our lives, but by setting limits around our screen time and creating tech-free zones in our homes, we can create a healthier relationship with technology and reduce our overall stress levels.

Keep An Open Mind

Ultimately, wellness is about finding what works for us as individuals. It’s about exploring different practices and techniques and figuring out what helps us feel our best. Whether that means practicing mindfulness, exercising regularly, or connecting with loved ones, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. So as we dive into this edition, let’s keep an open mind, experiment with new practices, and discover what works best for us in our journey towards wellness.

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