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6 Ways To Stay Focused When Working From Home

If you’ve ever googled “How to stay focused when WFH,” [working from home] this is the post for you! Regardless of where you work, there can be distractions — in office environments, water cooler chats, and nearby conversations can disrupt focus and on the flip side, working at home can present challenges with structure and […]

Stay focused when Working From Home

Journal Entries

Journal Entries

AirBNB Not Aesthetic? Problem Solved.

We have compiled a checklist for you to curate and create the best way when an Airbnb is less aesthetic than you had hoped for.

AirBNB aesthetic


Letter From The Editor: Why We Care About Wellness

Letter From The Editor Howdy friends! I couldn’t be more excited for this months’ Letter from The Editor — If there’s one thing we (Soigne Studios) love more than content creation, it’s wellness! We love it so much that as we embark into a new month and season, we want to focus this edition on […]


Eloping On A Budget With An Aesthetic Eye

Elopement Checklist Download PSA: Our Editor-in-Chief is officially a wifey! She’s proof that regardless of whether you’re spontaneously tying the knot or planning an elopement a few months out, that you can do it on a budget and still make it aesthetic, as phuck. So while we continue to drool over her wedding photos, she’s […]

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