Stay Focused when WFH

How To Stay Focused When WFH

If you’ve ever googled “How to stay focused when WFH,” [working from home] this is the post for you! Regardless of where you work, there can be distractions — in office environments, water cooler chats, and nearby conversations can disrupt focus and on the flip side, working at home can present challenges with structure and discipline.

So today we’re sharing our five favorite tips to help you stay on track and stay focused when working from home. 


You heard me; no more hitting snooze and rolling out of bed. Use the time you normally commute to get ready for the day, even if you stay in sweats. Whether indulging in your 9-step skin-care routine, starting the morning with meditation or simply enjoying quiet time with your coffee. Creating a consistent routine before starting your work day can go a long way in helping to switch your mindset from relaxation to work and prepare you for the day ahead.


If you find the hours getting away from you, setting personal objectives/having an end goal for what you want to achieve during the day can help keep you focused when working from home. Some helpful practices might be setting twice-daily objectives — one set to complete by lunchtime, and another to complete by the end of the working day. Or you might find it useful to invest in time blocking by fully going into DND and working for increments of 30 minutes. This minimizes your risk of procrastinating and enables you to prioritize more important tasks.


If you typically take a mid-morning coffee break at the office or a 30-minute lunch, do it at home. Carving out a little “you time” isn’t frowned upon, it’s encouraged. Maintaining even minor daily rituals create continuity for the days when you’re working from home — so fix yourself that 3rd cup of coffee, healthy lunch or give yourself a little mid-day movement. 


A dedicated workspace is the most important element, so whether you have a sprawling home office or a nook in your kitchen, it’s important to have a dedicated space to work. Keep it clean, organized, and stocked with all the necessary tools to make working from home functional and attainable. 


It can be tempting to squeeze in something after dinner or on a Sunday afternoon, but when it feels like you’re working all the time, that can quickly lead to burnout. That’s why you should stick to a predetermined set of work hours and maximize your workdays so that you can enjoy your time off and feel refreshed and ready to clock back in on Monday morning! 

February 1, 2023

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