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Do I Need To Be on Instagram Threads as a Business?

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August 28, 2023

This summer Instagram released its newest addition and member to the Meta family, @Threads. Prior to its release, we’ve seen apps like @BeReal and @Lemon8 hit the scene and make a minimal impact with users, which might make you ask yourself and pose the age-old question “Do I need to be on yet, another app?”. Lucky for you, earlier this year, we covered a typical question for our clients, What social media platform should I be on? and Threads is no exception to this burning question. So let’s unpack and discuss what the hell Instagram Threads is, and ultimately, should YOU be on it as a business. 

So What Exactly Is Threads and How Does It Work?

Similar to Twitter… we mean ‘X’ [insert eye roll]… Instagram Threads is a standalone messaging app developed by Facebook [Meta], that focuses on facilitating private and real-time communication between users and their close friends. It’s kind of like having your own private chat room! 

The app primarily emphasizes building connections, among individuals. Threads aims to prioritize conversations and interactions by giving significance to text rather than images. By shifting from focusing on appearances it becomes simpler for individuals who prefer expressing themselves through words rather than visuals to establish a community.

Is Threads Worth Your Time and Effort?

Now that you have a little bit better of an understanding of Threads, the real question still remains, is it worth investing your time and energy, into this platform, for your business? Like any social media platform, the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” It actually depends on YOUR industry, business objectives and the audience you are targeting.

If your business heavily relies on Instagram for marketing and engagement, Threads could be a valuable addition to your strategy. Allowing you to more intimately connect with a curated list of your most engaged followers is an excellent tool for building a stronger sense of community and loyalty/personality around your brand.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with a regular presence on social media, adding Threads to your strategy might not be the wisest choice, given that it’s an entirely new app to familiarize yourself with. Moreover, if your target audience isn’t already engaged on Instagram, Threads might not yield the best returns in terms of time invested. It’s crucial to evaluate whether your existing followers are likely to adopt this new platform and if it fits cohesively with your broader marketing goals – always remember, time translates to money!

The Pros and Cons of Instagram Threads

Threads Pros:

Enhanced Engagement: Threads can create real-time conversations, allowing you to interact more actively with your audience. This also allows you to interact with smaller groups and build client retention. By updating your Threads your audience can learn more about the BTS, without having to create extra content.

Text Heavy: Threads seems to act as a stream of consciousness to your engaged audience. By taking out the imagery, feed and all the extra elements IG has to offer, you can write freely without a strict strategy. Industries or businesses such as podcasts, blogs, and news agencies, can post more frequently without affecting the algorithm of their current Instagram strategy.

Strengthened Relationships: By communicating directly with your audience, you can build stronger relationships and better understand their needs and preferences. Think of Threads as your own personal focus group.

Threads Cons:

Limited Reach: One of the main elements we don’t love about Threads is its feed experience. The feed is a mixture of your followers and public figures who you don’t follow. Which in turn, makes your content less visible to your followers.

Time-Consuming: Managing another platform can be time-consuming, especially if your audience isn’t already on Threads. If you do not have the time or energy to learn a new platform, Threads may not be for you at this time.

Separate App: Threads is a niche platform within Instagram, meaning you have to download a totally new app to manage the platform off of Instagram. Even though it integrates within IG. Confusing? We know!

The Decision Depends On A Few Factors

If your target audience is active on Instagram and you want to strengthen the bond with your followers, incorporating Instagram Threads into your social media strategy can be quite valuable. It offers real-time engagement and exclusive content opportunities, which can help build brand loyalty and encourage customer retention. However, if you’re already struggling to maintain a consistent presence on Instagram or your audience isn’t likely to embrace Threads, it might be best to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Ultimately, the decision to be on Threads depends on your business objectives, resources, and understanding of your audience’s preferences. Analyze your situation, experiment, and measure the results to determine if Threads aligns with your overall marketing goals.

Need Help With Threads?

Have you gone through this article and realized, maybe you need to be on Threads, but you are unsure where to start? Maybe you know where to start, but have no time. Wearing one hat as a business owner is hard, BUT wearing multiple hats is even harder. Order an Espresso Martini and let our copywriter help you stay present on this new platform!

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