What Social Platform Do You Need To Be On?

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March 2, 2023

You’ve probably wished someone else asked: What Social Media Platform Do You Need To Be On? From TikTok, LTK, to BeReal there’s no denying that in the last few years, we have seen so many new social platforms emerge. You’ve also probably downloaded them all, stressfully recycling and reusing content only to be disappointed with low performance.

Unpopular opinion: you don’t have to be on every platform (to convert). A general rule of thumb when choosing where to exist in the digital world is to be on, one algorithm based and one search based. Don’t know which is which? breathe; we decided to help ya out with this lil’ refresher on our favorite and most beneficial platforms.

But before we do that, ask yourself “where is my target audience living?” Did you do it? okay cool, now, let’s get into it.


The auto-pilot of all socials; use this platform to build your audience, engage with your followers and showcase your BRANDING. Unlike TikTok, Instagram users expect to see aesthetic content and feeds, so make an effort to focus on your presence and overall aesthetic. You need to be providing your target audience with value to separate yourself from the competitors in your industry.

With the platform encouraging video content make sure this is being incorporated or get ready to be left behind.


This platform has no rules. Throw your branding out the window when it comes to your feed and focus on your business PERSONALITY. TikTok users want raw and authentic content that is relevant and relatable.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is not dead and is still very relevant today. We like to utilize this platform as INFORMATIONAL and EDUCATIONAL. Show the expertise and business mindset behind your company. What is trending in your industry??? Share it.


LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals and businesses to connect, share information, and grow their careers or businesses. It was founded in 2002 and is currently owned by Microsoft.

LinkedIn allows users to create a profile that serves as their online resume, where they can showcase their education, work experience, skills, and achievements. Users can also connect with other professionals, join groups related to their industry or interests, and follow companies and thought leaders.

One of the key features of LinkedIn is its job search capabilities. Users can search for job openings based on keywords, location, industry, and other criteria. They can also receive job recommendations based on their skills and experience, and apply for jobs directly through the platform.

LinkedIn also offers a variety of premium features for users and businesses, including LinkedIn Learning, which provides online courses and tutorials, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is a tool designed to help businesses with their sales and marketing efforts.

Overall, LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to build their network, showcase their skills, and find new career opportunities.


Think of Pinterest as a giant online bulletin board where people share and discover new ideas through images and videos. It’s like flipping through the pages of a beautiful magazine, except you get to pick the topics you’re interested in and create your own custom collection of ideas.

As a business owner, Pinterest can be a powerful tool to showcase your products or services, reach new customers, and drive traffic to your website. By creating eye-catching and inspiring pins, you can capture the attention of potential customers who are actively searching for ideas and solutions related to your business.

Plus, Pinterest is a platform that encourages creativity and authenticity, so it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique personality and connect with customers in a more personal way.

Remember, the point of what platform you need to be on is to convert. While all might sound appealing, your target audience needs/wants not only value but relatability, and not all platforms will facilitate YOUR content.

More Of The Story Is…

As a creator, your content and self; deserve to be noticed, appreciated, and rewarded so choosing your social platform is important. Extending yourself and content to new or unassuming platforms can be a challenge but knowing that you’re on the right one will make the journey that much more rewarding.

I could go on forever about this, but it’s 5 o’clock soo0o0oo0o

Cheers, mates!

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