We concept, create, and edit aesthetically on-point photo and video content tailored to your brand's unique identity and share it with our community, too. You get the choice of which creator you would like to work with. 

Kell Mendoza -Lifestyle Creator
Erika Perez - Beauty Creator
Arianna Barger - Wellness Creator

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Price available on CC pages, see below: 


  • Please have a look at each creator as they all have different specialties and pricing.
  • We always provide ad video options along with organic videos.

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Leveraging UGC is a cost-effective way to generate content. Instead of investing heavily in creating professional content, businesses can tap into the creativity of their audience. This not only reduces production costs but also allows businesses to allocate resources to other aspects of their marketing strategy.

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Incorporating user-generated content into your business strategy adds an authentic and engaging dimension to your brand, fostering trust, building community, and creating a cost-effective and impactful marketing approach.

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How can UGC benefit my brand?

User-generated video content (UGC) adds authenticity to your brand, providing a genuine perspective from your audience. It fosters community engagement, builds trust, and showcases real experiences with your products or services. Utilizing UGC in your video content strategy can create a more relatable and compelling narrative.

Should i consider professional videos?

Professional video content creation services elevate your UGC by adding polish, ensuring consistent branding, and optimizing visuals and sound. Our service helps curate and edit user-generated content to maintain quality standards while aligning with your brand message. By combining the authenticity of UGC with professional production, you create a compelling and refined video presence for your brand.


YES! And we hope you do; we have found that working with our content creation clients on a monthly basis helps maintain the overall brand aesthetic.

In true Soigne' fashion, our carefully curated selection of premium clothes and work from home tools, embody a timeless and iconic aesthetic reminiscent of an old-money era.

Our mission is to automate your business so you can live a work-life balance.

The images currently featured on our platform are sourced from @Pinterest, Pexel and original content. If you are the photographer or hold rights to any of these images and wish to be properly credited or request removal, please contact us at info@soignestudios.co. We are committed to giving appropriate credit and are actively working on creating our own original content. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.