The Shaker Set

Shake and Pour with our favorite digital business tools and resources below to make it easier for you to bring your business to life. Some of these links happen to be affiliate links. When you shop our page, we earn a commission, but no worries - it doesn't cost you anything extra. We only recommend products we have used ourselves and nothing on this page has been sponsored, so if we are sharing it, you know it's GOOD!

Digital Business Tools To Help You Live A Work-Life Balance

We're proud to say that some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we earn a commission if you find something that suits you. We believe you should get paid for sharing the things you love. 


Business Management Tools

Ever wondered which font gives your website that perfect touch? The Whatfont Chrome Extension lets you effortlessly identify and integrate the fonts that make your content pop. Typography, made simple.

Font Identification Made Easy

Sometimes a webpage is a work of art. With the Full Page Screenshot Chrome Extension, you can capture and share the entirety of your masterpiece in a single click. It's an essential tool for showcasing your web creations to the world.

Capture the Whole Picture

Building a seamless online experience is now at your fingertips. The Web Developer Chrome Extension is your digital toolbox for enhancing your site's potential. From debugging to testing, it's the must-have companion for web artisans.

Power Tools for Web Development

Chrome Extensions