Introducing our 'Cabernet' Social Media Marketing and Strategy service, the perfect blend of creativity and data-driven success. Stay informed with top-level monthly reports and stay ahead of the curve with industry research and trends.

Our secret sauce? Proactive adaptability to optimize post performance. We take care of scheduling and posting on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.  We tailor your content strategy to suit your unique business needs, ensuring quality always trumps quantity.

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$5,300 USD / MONTH


  • Monthly social content strategy and planning 
  • Top level monthly reports of analytics and performance 
  • Up to date industry and general social media research and trends 
  • Proactive changes [if needed] to the the strategy as needed to optimize future posts performance 
  • Scheduling and posting of all content onto the needed social platforms
  • Platforms Include: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok (any others that are applicable to your business)
  • 3 Posts / Week / Platform Minimum: Combination of static and video posts that is dependent on the industry and client at hand. (can consist of a single image or 2-5 images within a single carousel post) We never like to put a number on how many posts per week as our research and strategy will provide better insight to what is best for your business.

Uncork your brand's social potential with Cabernet.

Businesses must sign on for a minimum of 6 months with this service

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Without marketing, customers will never be made aware of your products or services. Our selection of marketing services aim at doing just that; increasing your reach and exposure and ultimately generating a positive ROI. 

Check out the FAQs below:

why you need this service


Why do I need marketing?

We believe that marketing is the backbone to every business. Marketing is what makes customers aware of your products or services, engages them, and helps them make the buying decision. Without it, your business will not maintain demand, relevance, reputation or a competitive advantage. 

How can marketing benefit my business?

Marketing increases your businesses reach, exposure and improves communication at all stages of the buying process with the end goal of increasing your revenue. 

How do I reach my target market? 

One's target marketing is dependent on the business at hand which is why our team performs in depth market and industry research; to ensure our efforts are communicating directly with your specific target market. 

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