Learn Skin

Design Strategy

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With the founder pursuing a different career path, Learn Skin is now available as a semi-established brand. This presents a unique opportunity for someone passionate about natural skincare to take over and further develop a brand that already has a strong, nature-focused identity and a compelling market position.

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Lear Skin 

Learn Skin was a brand we designed for a friend who aspired to start a skincare artisan clinic. Although she has since shifted her career direction, the brand now stands as a semi-established entity available for acquisition. The core focus of Learn Skin was to encapsulate the natural essence of salt and earthy goodness, creating a brand that harmonizes with nature.

design Strategy

the brief

The comprehensive branding work we did for Learn Skin ensures that it stands out in the skincare market, ready to be embraced and expanded by a new owner who shares the vision of natural beauty and wellness.

Primary Logo: The primary logo reflects the natural and artisanal aspects of the brand, utilizing organic shapes and natural curves to create a visual identity that feels both sophisticated and grounded.

Typography: The typography selection combines elegant serif fonts with clean sans-serif elements, balancing a sense of luxury with approachability.

Website and Marketing Materials: The website and marketing materials were designed to convey a serene and inviting atmosphere. High-quality imagery of natural landscapes and oceanic elements, along with informative content about the benefits of natural skincare, provide a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Learn Skin was positioned to appeal to eco-conscious consumers seeking artisanal skincare solutions that emphasize natural ingredients and sustainable practices. The brand’s aesthetic and messaging resonate with individuals who value the beauty of nature and the importance of wellness.

Packaging: Packaging designs emphasize simplicity and natural materials, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The use of deep blues and sandy whites in the packaging further enhances the connection to nature and the ocean.