Art Direction

[organic skincare]

We crafted two distinct branding options to present to Bendiga, each capturing different aspects of their vision and values. Bendiga is still working to bring their customers the best of the best and will be launching in the near future.

the result

Bendiga Organic Skincare

Bendiga, an emerging natural and organic botanical skincare brand, approached us to imagine their natural identity. Our goal was to develop a brand that seamlessly conveys their commitment to purity, sustainability, and botanical efficacy.

Art Direction

the brief

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, our design language places Bendiga’s botanical ethos at the forefront. The chosen typography combines the elegance of serif fonts with the modernity of sans-serif, reflecting the blend of tradition and innovation in their products.

For the primary logos, we developed two unique concepts. The first option features a minimalist design with clean lines and subtle botanical elements, evoking a modern, nature-inspired aesthetic. The second option includes an elegant logo with intricate botanical illustrations, reflecting the brand's dedication to the full spectrum of botanics and a more delicate visual identity.

In terms of typography, the modern natural look utilizes a blend of modern sans-serif fonts, providing a clean, sophisticated appearance that aligns with contemporary design trends. In contrast, the delicate botanical look combines serif and cursive fonts, evoking a sense of classic beauty and natural grace, perfectly capturing the gentle, nurturing qualities of Bendiga’s products.

For the patterns, the modern natural look [left] showcases bold, nature-inspired graphics with a focus on clean lines and fresh, natural hues like deep greens and soft earth tones. These patterns highlight the purity and potency of Bendiga’s ingredients. Meanwhile, the delicate botanical look [right] features intricate, understated patterns in soft pastels and muted floral tones, creating an elegant and sophisticated backdrop that emphasizes the gentle, artisanal qualities of the brand.

The packaging designs reflect these two identities as well. The modern natural look presents sleek, sustainable packaging with bold graphics, ensuring that the purity and effectiveness of Bendiga’s products are prominently displayed. The delicate botanical look, on the other hand, uses intricately designed packaging that showcases the richness of the botanical ingredients with an elegant, understated touch.

Each option aims to position Bendiga as a leader in the natural skincare market, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and establishing a strong, distinctive brand presence.

The icon designs also reflect the two distinct approaches. The delicate option [left] includes more detailed and intricate botanical icons, highlighting the rich variety of botanical ingredients and emphasizing a refined, luxurious feel. The modern option [right] features bold, simplified botanical icons that draw from the intricate details of nature, presenting a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.