A fully customizable website template with Wordpress blog for the drag & drop platform Showit (requires Showit subscription). You'll get the website template and all included demo pages. Upload your content, customize everything easily, and go live! 

  • Drag & Drop Platform: Showit’s user-friendly platform allowing you to easily design and customize your site without needing to code.
  • SEO-Ready: Optimized to help rank better in search results.
  • Designed to Grow: Benefit from multiple pages included in your template, designed to accommodate and grow with your evolving business needs.
  • Built-In Copy: Created with engaging copy to help you write compelling content.
  • Email Series: To help you launch, learn and go live in just 7 days! 

what you get

Our Bleu Caviar Showit template transcends the ordinary, offering a transformative experience that will elevate your online presence to unprecedented heights. Whether you're showcasing your travel escapades, capturing breathtaking photography, or embodying a minimalist vibe, this template is your passport to an online realm of sophistication.

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$500 USD

Bleu Caviar Showit Website Template

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Bleu Caviar Showit template

$500 USD

My template has made my business thrive and look so much more professional. The lower price to other brands was my main deciding factor, but if I had the choose again, I would choose the Louis Roederer template for the design and ease of use. Thank you thank you Soigne.



The price doesn't match the quality of what you get. With the notes on each page paired with the email series, I was able to launch in 5 days. I am happy that I can provide feedback to make them better!




5.0 Rating

No Code Required

  • Crafted by Design Experts
  • Step-by-Step Written + Video Tutorials
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Easy-to-Use Drag + Drop Website Platform
  • Subtle, Interactive Animations
  • SEO Approved Design, Boosting Your Google Visibility
  • Copy Prompts and Snippets for Unending Inspiration
  • Exclusive Showit Discount Code for Your Benefit
  • Seamless WordPress Integration for Blog Posts
  • An Email Series To Help You Launch In Just 7 Days
  • 3 Week Tech Support From a Designer

$500 USD when you buy one of our templates

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A: Showit stands out as an exemplary web design and hosting platform, empowering users to create bespoke desktop and mobile websites effortlessly through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, devoid of any coding requirements. Seamlessly integrating with WordPress for streamlined blogging and superior SEO capabilities, Showit undoubtedly earns our highest acclaim. 

A: All you need is a Showit account [it's free] and CLINK you’re in business and ready to get started!

A: We usually opt for free or Google fonts, or pre-license custom fonts to simplify things for you. However, sometimes an extra license is needed, which we'll mention in the template installation instructions.

As for images, some templates include free stock photos for you to use, while others feature photos from photographers or Social Squares [a paid stock photo service]. The specifics vary by design, but any usage restrictions will be clearly outlined in the installation instructions for each template.

A: Absolutely! Showit is designed with simplicity in mind. Our goal is to offer creatives like yourself beautifully crafted website designs that you can effortlessly build and personalize on your own. With a bit of effort and guidance, both from us and the Showit team, you'll have your new online space up and running in no time! Our designs take care of the hard work for you, making customization a breeze. If you can drag and drop, you can easily tailor your design to perfectly align with your vision and online requirements!

A. We made our website templates easy to use, minimal, of course, entirely customizable, seo strategic, and aesthetic af. We built them on Showit [basically, the Canva of website design] so you can take control of your website, avoid on going designer fees and feel confident in the way you show up online. 

A. We currently are selling our website templates at a very low cost to help us ensure our process is seamless and our marketing is authentic. Our prices are at happy hour cost, so order your drinks before it ends! 

A. Of course, if you're feeling overwhelmed or just want to sit back with a glass of Prosecco while we handle the heavy lifting, consider hiring a site stylist. Our site stylist service takes the stress out of launching your site. Within a week, you'll be all set up! If you'd rather not dive into learning the ins and outs of the Showit platform or need assistance customizing your new template, The Prosecco is the way to go. Otherwise, follow our email series to see just how easy it is to launch your site on your own.



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