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Gallery Alchemy Art Gallery

The Portfolio

A NEW Art Gallery That Celebrates Local Artists and Culture

The contemporary art world has experienced a new energy with the opening of Gallery Alchemy, located in the heart of Milton, NSW. Dedicated to showcasing local artists’ talents and celebrating the area’s diverse cultural landscape, Gallery Alchemy provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience. With monthly exhibitions, Gallery Alchemy […]

Soigne Turns one Years Old

The Studio

Celebrating One Year of Success

Our first year of business was filled with ups and downs, lessons learned, failures and successes. It was far from perfect but it was the most incredible experience to date; and we are excited to continue growing and thriving in the year ahead. Reflecting on Our First Year In Business When we first started our […]

The Studio

Reflecting On Our First Year In Business

Have you ever heard the term, “You’ll never really be ready. Just Start.” While this can help you get off the couch and start the workout you have been putting off since 2021, we don’t really recommend this when it comes to starting a business. As Kel, one of our founders, consistently states, “In business, […]