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Our Editor says “I Do!”

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March 24, 2023

The rumors are true… our Editor said “I DO!

Hi friends! Editor-in-Chief here, Let me start by saying if you’re nervous to say, “I do,” don’t be! Nothing changes except your last name. Any nerves are just your feelings growing stronger for your new hubby or wifey!

Now that we have given you the checklist for planning your elopement. Let me give you a full blueprint of mine.  

The Blueprint of My Elopement

First, it’s important to understand what eloping means for you and your partner. Personally, my husband and I, had a long engagement so choosing to elope made sense. We also felt it aligned better with who we are as individuals, couples, and the aesthetic of what we imagined for our big day. 

We chose to make a trip of our elopement, which I would highly recommend unless the local courthouse is your vibe! Not only were we due for a trip to New York but felt like we deserved to elevate the occasion in other ways since we spontaneously chose to run away and not have family present. 

Curating Your Elopement

After picking the location and getting the basics booked — download our elopement checklist — I focused on curating the aesthetic first. Followed by the itinerary, creating my vision board, and making reservations. I highly suggest getting your logistical and legal stuff done first. It’s the most important part and eliminates a lot of stress.  

I decided to roll with an elevated old-school New York vibe for the week. Not only have I wanted to experience New York on this level but I knew that it aligned with me. So many of the lounges and speakeasies I was dying to try.

What Not To Stress About

I didn’t stress over hotels. Knowing most of my content would be captured out and about the city, and at the ceremony. As long as it stayed on brand, was centrally located, and offered some good views I wasn’t invested in blowing my money on the most boujee spot — We stayed at the Arlo, NOMAD until linking up with our two-person wedding party and then stayed the remainder at The Gild Hall Hotel. 

If you’ve been to New York, you know you need reservations, especially at more formal establishments on the weekend. I focused on booking my “rehearsal dinner” the night before, speakeasies/lounge spots following the ceremony, and the places that did require a reservation. 

Keeping it “elevated old-school” and rocking my sparkly and edgy fits. I ultimately chose Buddakan for dinner and Bath Tub Gin, a speakeasy nearby for my rehearsal night, both offer a dark + moody space with good music, food, and cocktails as well as an elevated dress code. After my wedding and a quick outfit change, we decided to hit The Django Club a manhattan Jazz Club located in the Roxy Hotel, for dinner and cocktails before enjoying more live music at The Nines.  

Throughout the trip

Free time was spent eating, drinking, and bar hopping. We hit some touristy attractions like the 9/11 Memorial, Empire State Building, Central Park, and Grand Central but mainly enjoyed exploring the city!

As crazy as this sounds, the wedding day was the most low-maintenance day of the trip, which is how I intended it to be. Besides a scheduled blowout with my MOH, we spent the morning walking the local markets for my bouquet and grabbed a mimosa while the boys hit the bars for bloodys. I got ready in my hotel room before barreling down the elevator running 20 minutes late to my ceremony. My only contingency was arriving in a yellow cab.

We held our ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park near Jane’s Carousel; it was perfect. The photographer and officiant met us on site and after exchanging vows we took pictures under the Brooklyn Bridge and walked the cobblestone streets until we found a bar to properly celebrate at! 

We Finally Said “I Do”

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of that day and the decisions we made. I hope it gave you insight, and inspiration, and helps you in planning your aesthetic elopement. If there’s one thing I can stress it’s to do what YOU want to do! Don’t let anyone make you feel selfish or guilty for choosing to marry the way you see fit! Fully live in the moment, get creative, and enjoy becoming a newlywed : )


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