How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

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March 2, 2023

I don’t know about you but “how often should I post on social media?” is a question I ask myself all the time. I’ve learned that there isn’t an answer but learned that you don’t have to post every day, you just have to be consistent. Now that that’s settled, let me break this down. 

Whatever books get written about social media will say the more content you push out, the more followers, likes, and the chance of “blowing up” you have… I’m calling bulls*** on it. Unless we’re talking TikTok, being a serial poster with unhinged content doesn’t equal a loyal and authentic following.

I’m also not saying it’s either one quality pic a month or five quality ones a day. What I’m saying is, one quality post a week is better than three shitty ones, hypothetically speaking. 

To be discoverable and followable in an oversaturated industry on the most used app is tricky and what worked for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for you. So screw the insights and algorithm by asking yourself what’s realistic and attainable for YOU and what your brand NEEDS. 

How do we put this into action? 

Quality of Photo:

  • Are you utilizing your camera functions to the fullest?
  • Are you sticking to a filter/color theory?
  • Are you overall curating content that stays consistent with your current feed vibes? CLEAN DAMN YOUR CAMERA LENS!

*photos that represent you and what you’re wanting to “give” will add the extra quality you might be missing.* 

Posting Schedule:

Create a posting schedule to create an algorithm that is right for you; trust me, your followers will learn to tap in on the days you go live and show love. Remember, as long as you’re consistently posting quality and engaging content, it can be as much as daily posts or simply 2-4x weekly. 

Finding your “content flow”:

Your “content flow” is the variety of posts you offer on your page. Align this with your posting schedule by integrating reels, static posts, “dumps” and carousels to elevate your feed. 

Utilizing your stories:

Stories are a great way to express yourself and share the daily bits of your life with followers. This space is better suited for those wild nights with an “I can’t believe I posted that” aesthetic while also offering the opportunity for aesthetic recaps. 

As cliche as it sounds, life is all about trial and error and exploring strategies for your growth is no different. Less talking, more doing, so to spare your eyeballs some screen time, go get to work!

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