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Perfect V-day For The Content Creator

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February 1, 2023

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and here at Soigne’Studios we love, love; and we love content. So whether you’re dropping hints this year or stressing to make a content-packed plan, we got you covered on the perfect v-day plans for the content creator in your life (even if that means you). 

Re-Create Your First Date

Bring it back to where it all began! Head to wherever you went on your first date (or simply re-create the ~vibe~ if you’ve since moved away) and reminisce about how far you’ve come since that first night full of sweaty palms and jittery small talk.

Have an At-Home Spa Night With DIY Face Masks

Create your own mini spa experience at home by mixing up a double batch of DIY face masks. Will it feel kind of goofy slathering this on your partner’s face? Yes, but that’s basically the point. Plus, you’ll both have soft, glowy skin afterward. Win-win.

Go Thrift Shopping 

Want to try something totally different? Head to a thrift shop and pick out the wackiest outfits you can find for each other. Bonus points if you wear them to dinner or drinks afterward.

Have an At-Home Game Night

Whether you plan a classic board game or something sexier, game nights are honestly one of the most fun—and simple—date ideas. Grab your faves and complete the vibe with snacks and wine, ofc.

Go for a Little Hike or Walk Outside

Explore local trails and climb to the top for Insta-worthy views, or simply take a stroll around your neighborhood. Walking usually makes talking easier, so enjoy chatting about whatever comes up as you go for a leisurely (or intense, if you’re going the hiking route) walk.

Polaroid Dinner

Whether it’s Chinese outta the box or pizza on the hardwood floor, a simple table set up and a polaroid camera is all you need. Don’t stress about the one-shot factor, that’s what makes them so special. 

Hit Up a Comedy Show

Humor is one of the sexiest qualities in a person, so what better way to celebrate your love than laughing together all night? Hit up a stand-up or improv show to get those giggle-induced endorphins flowing.

Treat Yourself to a Staycation 

Play tourist in your own city/town by getting a hotel room for Valentine’s Day. You can order room service, watch movies, play games, have hotel sex —you get the idea. This idea is a bit pricier, but you can always check sites like Groupon or Hotel Tonight to see if you can snag a discounted rate.

Go to a Drive-In

Drive-in movies have become more popular in recent years due to *ahem* recent events (read: the pandemic), and they’re honestly about as iconically romantic as it gets. You get to cuddle up and share popcorn. You get to pretend you’re in Grease and belt “Sandy” when you get bored. And don’t forget that hooking up under the blanket is kinda a prerequisite.

Do a DIY Couples Boudoir Shoot 

With your iPhone or an old Polaroid camera you have hanging around, get dressed up (or down) with your partner and take turns taking sexy pictures of each other…for each other. (Just remember that consent should be discussed prior to taking the pictures, and make sure to have a conversation about what’s expected once the pictures are taken re: if they will be thrown away, kept, etc.)

No matter what type of relationship you’re in or how you feel about the holiday having a plan in place (even if it’s a simple one!) is sort of key to making your partner feel loved on February 14. That said, finding and making the perfect v-day (for the content creator) should that work for you and your relationship should be fun! 

Stay Soigne

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