AirBNB Not Aesthetic? Problem Solved.


February 1, 2023

We have solved the problem for shooting content in a less aesthetic AirBNB.

Have you ever booked a property for vacation solely because you fell in love with how it looks online? or maybe you trusted the aesthetic images someone else posted on Instagram? Either way, you might have experienced booking and upon arrival are incredibly disappointed and surprised by the lack of aesthetic-ness. Well, we’ve been there a time or two, and even though the space you chose for your weekend getaway didn’t quite live up to your standards, you can still get creative. Since we understand the ins and outs of taking the best image (to showcase what you are selling or flexin’) were here to help!


Rule #1, always curate a mood board BEFORE you travel to the property! Regardless of when you find yourself disappointed or stumped if the space isn’t what you imagined it can make curating content hard, period. Your mood board will not only make problem-solving a breeze but it’ll make capturing content more attainable. Check out the areas in the gallery on AirBNB and choose at least three rooms or spaces you would like to shoot in — whether it’s your room, the lobby, or the tennis courts. From there, pick the style of imagery, poses, color theories, and any other inspo you need to make your vision come to life. 


Make sure you bring everything you need to recreate the inspired imagery you have selected for your mood board. If you are looking to go in a different route, but want to maintain the same aesthetic — i.e, athleisure in an actual gym or in action OOTD (no more mirror selfies) don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces, new and old, or blend your vibe/notorious poses to a new environment. Remember you’re the muse and your body is just as much a prop as a physical object.


Speaking of props, your tools for shooting are just as essential. We’ve got you covered with a little checklist of items you should never leave the house without on content days.

Tripod or stand for your iPhone/camera.

Bluetooth clickers – These are so handy, if you don’t have one, Lensbuddy is a great app that helps you take photos without a Bluetooth clicker.

Speaker for music – this may sound unimportant, but when you get in the groove to your favorite song, shooting content not only becomes less daunting but your photos hold a much more organic and candid vibe.

Something to wipe your lens with – ALWAYS CLEAN YOUR CAMERA BEFORE YOU SHOOT.


Once you’ve settled into your Airbnb, take some time to peruse the grounds. Review the spaces you were eyeing previously and explore unknown areas. Take notes of where the sun hits and sets best, backdrops, and any fine details for more aesthetical static posts. Understanding your location makes capturing content more time effective as well as the outcome of loving your photos.


Remember when you walked into the property and you were sadly disappointed? Stress no more, now you have all the tips + tricks at your fingertips. Remember, it’s all about prep and sticking to your plan. Showing up with the proper tools, understanding your location, and simply clicking away will make for a fun and content-packed getaway!

Stay Soigne

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