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Aesthleisure Club | Aescend Aesthetics

This weeks club of approval deserves a proper introduction. So before we jump into it we need to paint the picture of who they are and why this club is the place to be. 


Aescend Aesthetics is a cosmetic clinic based in Milton, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Established in 2020, the artisans at Aescend have created a discrete clinic, offering minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments. They aim to promote inner peace and outer harmony within their patients. Aescend is driven by a desire to embolden and awaken a sense of confidence and contentment in individuals. As the name suggests, Aescend (Aesthetic + Ascend) is a call to physiological empowerment and elevation.

The brand’s latest addition to its clinic is the Aestheleisure Club. If you want to control acne, tighten and tone your body, or have a space where you can get pampered and relax, then the Aestheleisure Club may be for you.


At Aescend, they are committed to a safe, considered practice that is in the best interests of their patients and in keeping with the ethical standards of the nursing profession. 

The artisans are constantly upskilling, improving and seeking innovative ways to ensure alignment to best-practice within the industry. Part of this quest includes maintaining active membership within governing and guiding bodies within the cosmetic industry, such as AMET and CNA.


Now that we have taken you through the clinic and the people. Let’s finish off with what this club is offering.

If you are exasperated with lacklustre gym results and looking to tone and trim in particular areas you want to target, then you NEED to join the Aethleisure Club. Does the idea of Netflix and chilling while treating your skin sound like a vibe? Check out what is included below:


  • Initial consultation, photos and measurements
  •  6-9 months of weekly Evolve X Transform EMS/RF treatments
  •  Omnilux Hydrocolloid gel mask at each treatment
  •  LED light therapy with each treatment
  •  Custom Aethleisure branded gym set to wear to your appointments
  •  Snacks and beverages with treatment (as available)
  •  All for $ 138 per week

When visiting Aescend Aesthetics, you are in the hands of the Dermal Artisans; your individuality is emphasised, while your safety is prioritised. Aescend has our tick of approval.


February 1, 2023



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