The Vault Hair Co.


Think of The Vault as your home away from home. Creating a hair salon where people feel comfortable was at the core of the design process.





Our intention for The Vault brand was to bring comfort and sophistication to the hair industry — timeless yet trendy; following the industry trends to give full inclusivity. Rooted in intentional minimalism, the core of the brand is shown in black and white, drawing in subtle natural textures and vintage-inspired details, reimagined.

We want the brand to feel elevated but approachable, an identity that can grow with the business and remain timeless. Our aim is to bring the quintessential French girl style to life — sophisticated simplicity, understated and effortless.



We have worked extensively with Kel, who is creating a new website for us. She has also helped us with Instagram and other marketing projects, and we are stoked. Absolutely. She is not only creative with an amazing design eye and excellent web/SEO skills but also a visionary who is passionate about what she does. She has gone above and beyond for us, and we will be eternally indebted for the numerous hours that we know she has absorbed at her own expense.

Throughout our dealings with her, the process has been seamless, and she has been able to deliver things we innately wanted though we could not articulate. In addition, she has required minimal direction, though she has produced an end product that represents our brand ultimately.

Furthermore, and very importantly, she has been happy to provide solutions and education so that we can self-manage our platforms and avoid ongoing expenses. Because of this, we trust her completely and want to keep her services. Well worth the investment.

Sidebar – she also recently designed a logo for my brother’s earthmoving business in Parkes. She was given the reasonably difficult task of reenvisioning a family logo for a completely different industry, and she was terrific. The entire process, again, is seamless—quick delivery and so professionally presented. We could have easily chosen any of the logos she gave as options, as they all hit the mark and were stylish and representative of the brand. We will hit her up for another website when he gets up and moving.

December 12, 2022

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