Your digital resource to help you carefully plan for your loved one.

STAGES for Life is an online resource for your aging population. Many people wonder what senior services are available. Others use the term geriatric care. The problem is that people in the aging population do not look at themselves as old, senior, or geriatric; therefore, we call it the aging community. STAGES provides a solution to those aging. We want to guide and educate people on the services available. We want to connect people with their local support. Numerous resources are available, and you can find that all in one place. Explore your options. 

STAGES because we all go through them.





Our intention for Stages For Life was to create a digital resource for all ages to have a go-to resource for when loved ones are in need. The brand’s design was to be easy on the eyes, clear, concise and technological for all ages. The brand’s core is green and blue, drawing in warm imagery for a calm and comfortable feel. 

We wanted the brand to feel innovative but understandable, an identity that can grow with the business and remain timeless. 



December 12, 2022

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