South Coast Presence


South Coast Presence was built around an intuitive mind-body healer. The ultimate aim is to empower you to create the life you want. Release stuck energy and patterns that no longer serve you and cultivate inner awareness to respond to your body’s cues.

They take the greatest care in making your sessions enjoyable, comfortable and private so that you can get the most out of them with your compassionate practitioner.





Our intention for South Coast Presence was to embody the elements of nature and draw in subtle natural textures to express human and mind connection. Rooted in intentional minimalism, the core of the brand is shown in moss green and beige, inspired by earthy tones.

We want the brand to feel elevated but approachable, an identity that can grow with the business and remain timeless.



December 12, 2022

The Portfolio


We are a research-backed creative studio situated between Australia and California. 

about us

At Soigne', we believe that design and marketing is more than just creating beautiful things: it's about connecting people with ideas, products, and services that are meaningful to them. We aim to create experiences that empower our clients' customers through design intention while respecting their values and beliefs.