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Is Batching Content Really Worth The Hype?

Are you even really a bad baatch, if you don’t batch your content? Wait wait, hold up. Let’s explain what the fuck I’m talking about. If you’ve heard about batching content or been told to try it, do it. It’s worth every bit of the hype but before we spill the tea we gotta understand what that actually means. 

What is Batching?

If you are new to batching, it just means that you complete similar tasks during a certain timeframe to increase productivity. The concept of batching helps you stay focused on the task at hand — without switching from project to project — and allows you to make the most of your time, which we always seem to need more of. 

Batching content can easily be mistaken for focusing solely on one project from start to finish, but the reality is, creatively subjecting yourself to one video/concept can be hard, whether your brain is turning or not. So we learned that breaking tasks up throughout the week (or whatever timeline you’re working on) is not only less stressful but creatively more fluid allowing for content quality and executive to be more consistent. 

So how do we batch?

Set Specific Batching Days

Now that we’ve established what batching is. it’s time to dive into the planning and execution, the real part of batching. Remember we aren’t focusing on one video from start to finish. We’re focusing on managing and optimizing our time by dedicating specific tasks to a specific day. 

It may sound overwhelming now, but trust me when I tell you that it makes creating content a lot less stressful. Here is our weekly plan to help you get started:

Monday | Brainstorm day

Your first day is all about brainstorming and creating the vision! Map out your ideas for each piece of content and don’t be afraid to take your time with it, make your brainstorming day intentional by letting go of the pressure and having fun tapping into the creative you are.

Tuesday | Writing Day

This is where you sit down and script all your videos, based-off what you brainstormed the day before. This is also a great time to make any changes or adjustments, to your brainstorming notes. Taking the time to visually see/write any captions, text, diagrams, and choice of audio relating to your content makes finding the voice and the narrative you desire that much easier.

Wednesday | Filming day

Filming is probably the busiest day, which is why brainstorming/writing days leading up to, are so pivotal. Using your notes and script to refer to, take filming section by section and collect all footage — this is what batching is.

Thursday | Editing Day [stitching everything together]

This one is pretty self-explanatory. So, you have all the content batched and ready to go, your scripts, caption, and choice of audio are already confirmed, so start putting your masterpiece together.

Friday | Final Review

This day isn’t always needed nor necessary. But sometimes it’s important as the creator to appreciate the work you’ve done and review it from a different POV. The creating process we know can be frustrating, highly self-critical, and sometimes downright OCD-triggering. So appreciate the work you’ve done! 

Typically, we can get in about 10 videos per week. However, when we first started batching we noticed that our brain capacity only allowed us to focus on 2-3 videos per week. It really is just about patience and practice.

If this seems too overwhelming for you…

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November 9, 2022

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