Letter From The Editor

Gear up for the very first, very real and very needed; letter from the editor.

Howdy friends, 

Welcome to our little *content* corner of the internet; we’re so happy you’re here!

The Editorial by Soigné Studios isn’t your average blog, rather a column perfectly designed for the content creators, the designers, the travelers, the dreamers and rule breakers. An outlet and small extension of our Creative Studio and love for all things aesthetics and content creation made to entertain, teach, connect and collaborate with one another. 

Think of us as the big sister you always wanted and me, your fairyblog mother. But we need to get one thing straight….

The Editorial isn’t here to spam you senseleslly with discount codes, recipes, TikTok dances or unboxing’s. So what the fuck are we here for? The answer is simple — We’re here to serve the relatable POV as content creators; the how’s, the where’s, the tools to set you up for success and our unfiltered opinion on all things in the industry. 

Creating content should be fun and we’re here to make that possible!

We look forward to growing our community together and watching you turn your visions into art and on the ‘gram. 

So sit down, pour a glass, subscribe and enjoy 


The Editor-In-Chief

Soigne Studios 

June 30, 2022



We are a research-backed creative studio situated between Australia and California. 

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At Soigne', we believe that design and marketing is more than just creating beautiful things: it's about connecting people with ideas, products, and services that are meaningful to them. We aim to create experiences that empower our clients' customers through design intention while respecting their values and beliefs.